Property Tax Freeze Will Damage Our Communities

SEIU Local 200 United represents nearly 15,000 workers across Upstate New York. We represent workers in both the public and private sectors. In the public sector, we represent both municipal and school district employees.

Cities and towns across New York State have suffered the last few years in the wake of cuts to vital government services. School districts have suffered cuts in programs which have negatively impacted the education of our children. Numerous towns across New York have been pushed to the brink, and have been forced to streamline the most essential services to its residents.

The Governor’s proposed “property tax freeze” for the upcoming year will only exacerbate the problems that New Yorkers now face daily. The $1 billion freeze being recommended is impractical and could potentially put people out of work through forced consolidation. At the municipal level, consolidations should be based on their ability to improve or streamline public services not eligible for a state tax program.

For the reasons stated above, SEIU Local 200United strongly opposes the proposed property tax freeze.

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