Bard College Direct Action Report

bard action students 11.7.15

Story by Steve Pinchbeck, member at Bard College

Workers, students, families and friends joined together this past Saturday, November 7th, at a rally in Red Hook in support of the Bard College Buildings and Grounds workers contract negotiations. While there have been significant differences between the workers and the Bard administration on economic issues, this rally was principally about worker respect. Namely, the college’s initial proposal to undermined union members’ collective bargaining and seniority rights and threatened our work through outsourcing. We will not let these union-busting attacks go unanswered.

We wish to thank the many people who came out in support of us, including workers from the Culinary Institute, Marist College, Bard Security and Bard Environmental Services, SEIU Local 200United President Scott Phillipson, and most of all the Bard Student-Labor Dialogue and our many student friends.


bard action stronger together 11.7.15

bard action corner 11.7.15

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