csr rally lib arts rip 11.20.15

The chant of the week last week (clever category): LIBERAL ARTS MAKES YOU SMARTS!

In response to The College of Saint Rose President Carolyn Stefanco’s plans to impose deep cuts to academic programs and lay off faculty, over 200 students, full-time faculty, and alumni sent a loud message to the Saint Rose administration: any cuts or layoffs will have a negative impact on the college’s academic mission — alternative solutions should and must be found.

St. Rose adjuncts, who joined SEIU 200United last year, joined with their colleagues because they are concerned about how the discussion has taken place largely behind closed doors without student or faculty input and how these cuts will affects adjuncts. College President Stefanco stresses these cuts will make room for the College to invest in growth programs such as criminal justice, computer science, accounting, and music industry. These programs rely heavily on adjunct faculty — and the College has refused to agree to provide job security in our first contract and has only offered a measly $150-per-course increase in wages. The message last week: if the College wants to invest in growth programs, we call on them to put their money where their mouth is.

It was a truly inspiring action, largely put together by students, who are working hard to protect the St. Rose they’ve come to know and love.

To learn more, please check out the press coverage of the rally:

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csr rally stop cuts sign 11.20.15

csr rally prof at mic 11.20.15

csr rally graveyard 11.20.15

csr rally prof sign 11.20.15

csr rally philosophers sign 11.20.15




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