2016 NYS Budget Victories

It’s already been an historic year for workers in New York! Our 2016 state budget brought some big wins for low and middle income workers- including raising the wages for all minimum wage earners over the next few years, and creating a system for Paid Family Leave, granting workers across the state an increased peace of mind, knowing we’ll all be able to take care for our families when it matters most. Neither of these policies are perfect, but they’re both serious leaps forward in the fight for economic justice- and worth celebrating!

Click the images below to learn more about the next few years of NYS minimum wage increases, and our new Paid Family Leave program.

Minimum Wage Increases Paid Family Leave
Wage Hike Breakdown Paid Family Leave Breakdown D2

Minimum Wage Increases

Last year SEIU Local 200United joined with many union allies, community members, faith leaders, business owners, and economic experts from around the state to demand change. The #FightFor15 has grown into a powerful, global movement, and here in NY fast food workers won a $15/hour minimum wage through the recommendation of a fast food industry wage board late last year. The rest of New York’s minimum wage industries soon followed, and our 2016 NYS budget included provisions for raising the wages of all minimum wage earners.

Paid Family Leave

Also won through the hard work and dedication of a powerful coalition of allies, New York State’s Paid Family Leave program is a huge victory for everyone in New York. Not every detail is set in stone yet, but what we do know is this: New Yorkers everywhere will now have access to paid time off to care for new infants, seriously ill family members, and to relieve pressure when immediate family is called up to active military duty. Everyone deserves the dignity of not having to choose between caring for those they love, and paying their bills. Paid family leave helps support stronger, healthier families which means a stronger, healthier New York.

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