Our President Elected to SEIU Executive Board

Scott in NOLA 2 10.09

Detroit, MI – Last month Scott Phillipson, our Local 200United President, was elected to serve on the SEIU Executive Board.

Every four years SEIU members come together for the SEIU international convention.  The purpose of the convention is to set goals for the future and elect union leaders who will lead our work.

Current SEIU President Mary Kay Henry asked Scott to join the leadership team by running for the Service Employees International Union Executive Board.  “Scott is a dedicated leader who I am proud to serve with.  Scott’s vision for a member led union in New York and Vermont, and across our union, is one where SEIU members build a wider movement and fight for a better future for all working families.”

Considering the impact of his new position for members locally, Scott remarked: “I’m excited and honored to serve on the SEIU Executive Board.  Local 200United members deserve to have a strong voice in our union’s national strategy and decision making, and having a seat at the table ensures that.”

In addition to electing union leaders, members at the convention voted on resolutions that provide vision and principles to guide our work in the coming years.  Highlights of members’ vision for the future include:

  • Growing SEIU membership and creating new forms of organization
  • Innovating to strengthen and transform our union to win
  • Fighting for healthcare as a human right and winning healthcare justice for all
  • Winning racial justice in order to win economic justice for all working people
  • Building a better future for working families
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