Albany Mayor’s Budget Proposal: Winners and Losers

kevin albany crossing guard 10.17.16

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan released her proposed budget for the city this month.  In her budget, the mayor wants to give her own chief of staff and $8,000 raise, but is refusing to give Albany crossing guards a modest 3% raise and winter jackets.

“We came in to get fitted for foul weather gear, then later were told there was no money for us in the budget… Even my safety vest is worn out, and they won’t give me a new one.”

Kevin, a School Crossing Guard in the city of Albany, answered questions and shared his story during a Common Council hearing on the 2017 budget proposal.  Several Common Council members were surprised to learn about the way Crossing Guards have been left out of this year’s budget, when a number of upper-level administrative staff in the Mayor’s office and other departments are looking at significant raises.


Read more about it in the Albany Times Union.

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