SCCC Adjunct Faculty Union Bargaining Update: College Refuses to Budge on Wages, Job Security


Last week, we met with the college administration for the 11th time since September 2015 as we continue negotiating for a fair, first contract. Over the summer, after making steady progress towards a first contract, the college switched legal counsel and replaced their former attorney with a corporate lawyer, Bob Schofield, who has stalled negotiations, regressed on verbal and written tentative agreements, and dramatically altered the collegial, professional tenor of our negotiations.

At the most recent session, we altered our wage proposal as an attempt to move the dialogue forward. The college refused to budge, maintaining their insultingly low proposal of a 3% wage increase over three years. When asked for their response on other outstanding proposals – particularly on job security and long-term appointments – the college’s attorney said that our proposals were “f$%^ing crazy.”

We opted to end the meeting rather than be disrespected. As your representatives at the bargaining table, we have volunteered a lot of our time and energy and put a lot of careful thought into our proposals – all unpaid. We have waited since June for the college’s high-priced attorney to provide counterproposals to all the outstanding items on the table  We take seriously our responsibility to negotiate a fair, first contract that improves our working conditions, brings us closer to pay parity with our full-time colleagues who perform the same work as we do, and provides us better stability and job security.

We understand that over the course of negotiations, there will be points where we will disagree with the administration – but we will not subject ourselves to completely unprofessional behavior or insults and subtle jibes at our worth or the value we provided to Schenectady County Community College.

In response, we are asking members to attend the next Board of Trustees meeting, to express our concerns about the unprofessional and disrespectful conduct of Bob Schofield and to demand a fair wage. The Board meets on Monday, November 21, at 530PM in the Lally Mohawk Room.

Please let us know if you will be able to attend. Any questions, please call Sean Collins at 518.265.9895.

In solidarity,

Your SCCC Adjunct Faculty Union Negotiating Committee

Lee Miller, College Study Skills (Division of Liberal Arts)
Maria Farina, Psychology (Division of Liberal Arts)
Ryan Andress, Alternative Energy Technology (Division of Math, Science, Technology, and Health)
Paul Cerone, Culinary Arts (School of Hotel, Culinary Arts, and Tourism)
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