SEIU Members Fight to Protect the VA

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The Veterans Administration plays a crucial role in providing care to those who gave so much for our country.   Workers and SEIU members at VA hospitals, many of whom are veterans themselves, are worried about the future of the VA.

Republican leaders in Congress and the White House have long taken aim at the VA, and with new found political power Bills they have proposed in the past to weaken the VA may have more traction.

You can help SEIU 200United members who work in VA hospitals from Albany NY to Erie PA by adding your name to our petition.


WE OPPOSE Bills to Remove Official Time: They Are Bad for Citizens, and Bad for Federal Workers

Any bill that would remove “official time” (for example HR1658) is designed to take away the resources that make workers’ unions in the VA possible.  VA employees, as union members, believe in and fight for the promise of the VA.

WE OPPOSE False “Accountability” Bills: A Lie About Accountability

Bills like HR722 are based on an untruth – increasing discipline and making it easy for management to flippantly fire the caring and dedicated front line staff at VA facilities will not make things better for vets.  VA nurses, doctors, medical staff, service and maintenance workers, police, need to be helped and supported to carry out the mission of the VA, not be threatened and made fearful.

WE SUPPORT Executive Order 13522: Partnership Is Key to the Promise

President Obama signed EO13522 because the key to success is VA management and staff working together to achieve the promise of the VA.  Labor-Management Forum builds cooperation and improves services for vets.


The VA, the house for veterans, is a special place.  Under no circumstances will we accept stripping VA hospitals to enrich private hospitals and pharmacies.  Veterans have given so much, we them a democratic, effective, and welcome healthcare partnership.


IF YOU AGREE, add your name to our petition.

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