Don’t fall for the big “con!”

No CC SM Draft1On November 7th New Yorkers won’t just be voting for local elected offices, we’ll also be voting on whether to hold a Constitutional Convention to re-write our state constitution. You may have heard this called “the people’s convention,” unfortunately that is far from the truth. Lobbyists, wealthy special interests, and career politicians would benefit the most; the same people who already leave working class New Yorkers behind. VOTE NO on a Constitutional Convention, don’t let wealthy special interests and anti-union bullies put our hard-won rights and protections at risk!

Re-writing the NYS constitution puts our rights at risk!

  • The right to unionize & collectively bargain. Union strength in your own workplace and across your entire industry would be threatened.
  • Public pensions and their guarantee. Public employees have worked hard to earn their pensions, which could no longer be safe if we re-write our state constitution.
  • Workers’ compensation and other protections for those who get injured on the job.
  • The right to a free, quality public education.
  • Our social safety net, which guarantees the right of our most vulnerable New Yorkers to be provided for when they need it the most.
  • Voting rights, which our constitution currently provides valuable protections for.
  • The rights of women, the rights of responsible gun owners, access to clean, uncontaminated water- all protections and guarantees in our NYS Constitution could be on the chopping block!

A look at the last Constitutional Convention…

  • VoteNOCC4 out of 5 delegates were career politicians & Albany insiders
  • Every single leader at the convention was a seated politician
  • Cost the equivalent of hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars
  • NOT a “people’s convention”- every proposal was voted down!
  • Unnecessary- we can amend the constitution without a “con-con,” which we’ve done it as recently as 2013


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