Nazareth College Union Election Ballots Are Out!


After more than a year of organizing with our colleagues, we are ready to vote to form our union!

Right now, we have a choice to make – to continue with over a decade of stagnant wages, job insecurity, and a lack of voice in our departments, or stand together with our colleagues and vote YES to form our union.  By winning our election we will, for the first time ever, have a voice in all of the matters that relate to our profession and, ultimately, our students’ education. We hope we can count on you to join us.

Ballots were sent out Friday 5/19/2018 from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and should arrive at your home Monday or Tuesday. Here’s how to vote:

1) Check the YES box to vote to form our union with SEIU-Faculty Forward. Do not sign your name or mark anywhere else on the ballot. Your vote is secret and confidential.

2) Put the ballot in the ballot envelope.

3) Put the ballot envelope into the pre-addressed business reply envelope

4) Sign your full name on the signature line on the back of the return envelope (your vote will be disqualified if you don’t).

5) Mail your ballot right away; no postage necessary. Make sure your ballot is received by the NLRB by Monday, June 4th.


We will reach out to you early next week to make sure you have received your ballot and have sent it back in. If you receive a call from a colleague, make sure to call them back right away and let them know whether or not you have received your ballot. This is important to ensure that everyone’s vote is counted.

If you have not received a ballot by Wednesday, May 23, 2018 or have a problem with your ballot (including any errors completing the steps above), call the National Labor Relations Board immediately at (716) 551-4931.

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