New Member Orientation

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Dear New Member,

Congratulations on your new union job, and welcome to SEIU Local 200United! Our union is a family – we work together, we communicate, we care about each other, and most importantly we stick together; and together we are able to accomplish great things.

As a union member, you have rights at work. You have a Union Contract, which guarantees the terms of your employment, including your wages and benefits. The contract also protects you and your coworkers from unfair treatment – we have the right to complete our own independent investigation, and to appeal the discipline or the appropriateness of the penalty. Read the contract, learn your rights, and when something isn’t going well, reach out for help by talking to your Union Steward.

Workers who came before you formed this union and fought hard to win a contract. Every few years members negotiate a new contract with management, each time working to make things better and improve standards (like pay and benefits). It’s a process that works because we have the strength of union solidarity – and as a member of our union, you have the right to participate in the bargaining process.

It is our mission to lead the way to a more just and humane society, and to improve the lives of all working people and their families – so our efforts do not stop at our workplaces. We take the fight to town hall, to the Capitol, and to the streets. It isn’t always easy, but we do it because it’s right.

In SEIU 200United we win because our members are strong and we stick together. Welcome.


In unity,

Scott Phillipson, Esq.

President of SEIU 200United

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