A Statement from Your Rep

On behalf of SEIU Local 200United, I would like to personally thank each one of you, for the important service you are performing at your Veterans Affairs Hospital.

I know that your job is very difficult at these times with COVID-19 and that you also have a family life that you want to protect. I can reassure you, that your Union, your Union Leaders and Stewards, are doing everything they can do to help give you guidance and fight for you. Either through grievances and OSHA complaints.

We care about your safety and health, so that is why we are engaged with the administration, fighting for the PPE and N-95 masks that you need. They may not be listening or doing enough, but we’ll keep working to protect you.

Please contact us with any questions and concerns that you have. If you have been exposed or tested and it came back positive and If you need assistance with worker comp forms, or have questions, please send us a email from your personal email account to, dpalmer@local200united.org.

Be safe and Thank you for all you are doing, during these difficult times.

Thank you,
David Palmer
SEIU Local 200United

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