Boosting Your Local Economy

After human life and safety, economic impacts are the biggest concern. Too many American workers, disproportionately women and people of color, already live paycheck to paycheck and without benefits. These same workers are now at risk of being laid off or having their hours cut. Some of us are facing this reality ourselves, and it’s ok to focus on getting our own families through. When an opportunity arises though, we should offer direct support to our friends and neighbors who are struggling. 

  • Spread the word about available resources and reprieves. See What resources are available?
  • Connect with your local tenant’s union, if you have one. (If you don’t, consider starting one!)
  • Tip extra generously when appropriate. (A normal tip in NY is 20%.)
  • If you can, donate to relief funds and/or give money to people directly
  • If possible, continue paying the service providers you patronize (e.g., hairdresser) as if you were keeping your appointments.
  • If a local employer has demonstrated a commitment to treating (and paying) their workers fairly during this time, consider supporting them by ordering takeout or delivery, or buying gift cards online for later use.

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