SEIU COPE: Working Together to Resist the Anti-Union Agenda

What is COPE? Committee on Political Education (COPE) is one of the many ways that SEIU members work together to amplify the voices of working people. Members can opt-in to contributing to COPE- for as large or small an amount as they’re comfortable with. Money contributed to COPE is used for advancing the political and legislative goals of our members and communities, and to help elect candidates that will stand by our members and families when we need it most. COPE money is one tool in a box of many, and is most effective when paired with member engagement and activism.

Why Is SEIU Involved in Politics? Politics influences many parts of our everyday lives. For Public Employees, collective bargaining rights, job security, working conditions, and benefits are decided by elected officials. For all members, elected officials affect our everyday lives, from property taxes to legislation. SEIU Local 200United must be involved in electing candidates to school boards, city councils, county commissions, Governor, State Legislature, President, and Congress, who value, believe in, and will stand up for our issues at the decision making table.

How is the Money Used? Every COPE dollar is earmarked specifically for SEIU’s on the ground political and legislative efforts at the local, state, and federal levels.

Who Does SEIU Support? SEIU Local 200United supports pro-SEIU, pro-worker candidates in local, state and federal election campaigns. We are bi-partisan, endorsing candidates based on their support of Labor and working families, not their party affiliation.

How do I sign up? COPE contributions are voluntary, and you designate how much is taken out of your paycheck each pay period, starting at as little as $1.  To sign up for COPE and help us fight for our issues on the political front, print out a COPE form, fill it out and sign it, and mail it back to the address on the form. You can also talk to your labor representative and he or she can provide you with a COPE card to fill out.

To learn more about COPE, please contact Jessica Dowsett, Political Director:
(518) 603-4402

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