Working in Coalition with Labor Allies

Our union members and staff work closely across New York with allies from all corners of the labor movement. Through our engagement and participation in AFL-CIO Area Labor Federations and regional Labor Councils, we help to build a more unified and cohesive movement for worker justice. Labor Councils bring together members of all affiliated unions to discuss current labor news and events, local actions and issues, and to work at the grassroots level on mutually agreed upon goals and campaigns. In SEIU we know that workers are stronger together, and cultivating strong relationships with our brothers and sisters in labor is a crucial part of building a New York that works for everyone. Are you a member interested in becoming an SEIU Local 200United delegate to your local labor council? Getting started is as simple as reaching out to your union representative and letting them know you’d like to be more involved! We have limited seats on each council, but if your local labor council doesn’t currently have any vacancies we’re ready with other ways to connect you to the broader work our union supports.

Area Labor Federation Information

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