Temperature Checks

SEIU Local 200United – Bulletin Update COVID-19
TEMPERATURE CHECK – When reporting to work

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dear: SEIU Local 200United VA Bargaining Unit Employee

SEIU Local 200United has heard from a few of our VAs that bargaining unit employees are having their temperatures checked when reporting to work and then are being sent home if their temperature is above an arbitrary limit. If this happens to you, and that you are treated fairly and properly by your VA Hospital of employment, you can follow these steps.

Contact your primary physician, or go to another medical provider and explain to them that you work at the VA Hospital and request the COVID-19 test. Please ask for and receive something in writing from the medical provider. If your test comes back showing a negative result to COVID-19, contact your Supervisor/Manager at your VA (preferably by email) and ask when you can return to work. Also notify your Union Steward.

If your COVID-19 test comes back with a positive result of COVID-19, please take all precautions given to you by your medical provider and contact your VA and start the process with your CA-1 form. If you need assistance with where and how to get the form, contact your Union Steward or your supervisor. This is for continuation of pay, once the form is filled out and processed.

You can also go to SEIU200United.org for the form.

SEIU Local 200United

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