Note: Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, our offices are currently closed to the public and staff are working from home.  They are available by phone and email.

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SYRACUSE (main office)
(315) 424-1750

Becky Bodnar, Bookkeeper, ext. 215
Lee Davis, Union Representative, ext. 237
Jody DelBrocco, Trustee and Union Representative, ext. 241
Liz Golembeski, Secretary-Treasurer and Union Representative, ext. 219
Bob Loftus, Trustee and Union Representative, ext. 236
John Longtin, Union Representative, ext. 222
Leanne Maxsween, Assistant Bookkeeper, ext. 243
Doug McClure, Union Representative, ext. 220
Scott Phillipson, President, ext. 235
Emily K. Sanders, Organizer

(518) 250-4064

Sean Collins, Lead Organizer and Union Representative, ext. 202
Jessica Dowsett, Political Director
Kaseem Moultrie, Recording Secretary and Organizer, ext. 203
August Schneeberg, Research and Communications Director

(716) 631-8940

Bob Mahoney, Union Representative, ext. 122
Carmella Thompson, Union Representative, ext. 113
Josh Warden, Union Representative, ext. 121

(845) 340-8079

Ashley Drzymala, Union Representative
Brian Pugh, Attorney and Union Representative

(585) 464-8880

Jake Allen, Organizer, ext. 310
Shelley Ceravolo, Member Strength Director, ext. 304
Carly Fox, Organizer
Chris Machanoff, Organizing Director, ext. 308
Dawn Marshall-Hosier, Executive Vice President and Organizer, ext. 309
Calvin Ott, Organizer, ext. 312
Dave Palmer, Union Representative, ext. 301
Charline Smikle, Union Representative and Organizer, ext. 302


Dominic Desmond, Organizer
Mila Rostain, Lead Organizer
Connor VanAllman, Organizer

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