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Capital Roots United/SEIU Local 200United Statement on NLRB Complaint

August 2, 2023

TROY, NY – Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued its complaint in response to our Union’s unfair labor practice charges after months of investigation.

The complaint states Capital Roots unlawfully retaliated and intimidated its now-former employees for exercising their right to unionize their workplace. The complaint states Capital Roots illegally threatened to fire all union supporters and ultimately did terminate two union supporters in retaliation for organizing. The complaint states Capital Roots refused to bargain in good faith with our Union. The complaint states that Capital Roots even threatened to close entirely if staff unionized.

This complaint should serve as a splash of cold water to the Board of Directors who continue to stand behind the current leadership style of Capital Roots. The unlawful acts outlined in the complaint are abhorrent and at odds with the mission and values of Capital Roots. It is time Capital Roots accepted responsibility for the actions stated in the complaint, rather than wasting organizational resources on a protracted legal process. The work it does in our community is far more important than any one person.

The full NLRB complaint can be seen here.