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Capital Roots United/SEIU Local 200United Statement on NLRB Merit Determination

June 15, 2023


TROY, NY – After months of investigation, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Regional Director for Region 3 found there is merit to the many unfair labor practice charges filed by our union and will issue a complaint against Capital Roots and Chief Executive Officer Amy Klein. The merit determination confirms what our union has known for a long time: Amy Klein crossed the line and engaged in a pattern of retaliation and intimidation against union organizers in clear violation of federal labor law.

Unfortunately, Amy can’t get out of her own way. Just last month, Capital Roots informed our union that it was unilaterally and unlawfully withdrawing recognition of our union. It is yet another episode of Amy Klein’s epic saga of retaliation and union-busting. She has proven time and time again unwilling to cooperate and collaborate with staff in good faith. As a direct result of Amy’s actions and management style, there has been a massive staff exodus, which has severely impacted programming and hurt the communities Capital Roots serves.

In response, our union has filed additional unfair labor practice charges with NLRB to hold Amy Klein accountable. For the sake of Capital Roots’ mission and reputation, she could save everyone a lot of time and money by simply resigning.