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Roots United/SEIU 200United Statement in Response to Capital Roots’ Rejection of Proposed Board Settlement

July 24, 2023

We are disappointed but not surprised that Capital Roots’ Board of Directors rejected a settlement, proposed by the impartial National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), to resolve various unfair labor practices committed by CEO Amy Klein.

This settlement would provide back pay and even potential reinstatement for two former union members retaliated against for their union activities and more. Rather than agreeing to a reasonable settlement and taking responsibility for unlawful activities by their Chief Executive Officer, the Board of Directors has foolishly opted to stand behind Klein and her unlawful actions, further proving that their decision in July 2022 to voluntarily recognize our Union was an empty gesture that they allowed Klein to overturn through her words and actions. Now, they will redirect limited resources away from important programs that serve undernourished communities in the Capital District and instead devote them to a protracted legal process. While it is certainly not a sound legal strategy or a wise use of limited dollars, it is their prerogative. We are confident that our case will ultimately prevail.