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Training opportunity for current and aspiring Union Stewards

January 9, 2023

The SEIU 200United member strength team will be hosting a series of trainings for current and aspiring union stewards on Zoom.

Union members who want to build the strength of our union can join any session.  Register here:

Session 1: “Get to Know Your Contract”

Session 2: “What is a Grievance?”

Session 3 “Communication and Informal Problem Solving”

Session 1 is being offered:

Tues. 1/10 at 9am

Tues. 1/10 at 4pm

Tues. 2/14 at 9am

Tues. 2/14 at 4pm

Tues. 3/14 at 9am

Tues 3/14 at 4pm

Tues. 4/11 at 9am

Tues. 4/11 at 4pm

Session 2 is being offered:

Tues. 1/17 at 9am

Tues. 1/17 at 4pm

Tues. 2/21 at 9am

Tues. 2/21 at 4pm

Tues. 3/21 at 9am

Tues 3/21 at 4pm

Tues. 4/18 at 9am

Tues. 4/18 at 4pm

Session 3 is being offered:

Tues. 1/24 at 9am

Tues. 1/24 at 4pm

Tues. 2/28 at 9am

Tues. 2/28 at 4pm

Tues. 3/28 at 9am

Tues 3/28 at 4pm

Tues. 4/25 at 9am

Tues. 4/25 at 4pm