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SEIU Member Strength

SEIU Local 200United has a Member Strength initiative to move our Local forward. We started in 2012 by bringing members from around the state together to talk about our goals:

·      To build a network of leaders, 1% of our Union members, who will organize activists.

·      To recruit 10% of our Union members, 1,500 people, to fight against income inequality, engage in political action, and help new workers join our Union.

·      To fight and win for the 99%!

Working together, the members of SEIU Local 200United can achieve these goals. Here are just a few ways:

·      A healthy steward training program that will ensure that stewards remain the backbone of our Union.

·      Roundtables with member leaders as the conversation facilitators.

·      Networking with local activists and progressive groups.

·      Suggesting and recruiting fellow members for core leadership positions.

·      Helping with contract campaign strategies.

Even though our Union actually encompasses nearly 200 worksites, all share many similarities and by sharing with each other we improve. Local 200United members share a strong culture of rank-and-file action and leadership to further the influence of our Union, but there is always more work to be done. Given the struggles working people face, we recommend continuing to challenge ourselves to find new and innovative ways—including new technologies—to recruit more leaders and activists.

The Member Strength Solution
Your active engagement in demanding social justice and economic justice is essential. Look at what has happened in Wisconsin and Ohio; and now we are seeing it start to happen in Illinois. The Fight for 15 came to New York in March 2014, seeking economic justice and a $15 minimum wage. While the effort has targeted fast food workers, Local 200United is working to raise the statewide minimum wage to a living wage so our members can afford to take care of their families. We have to be ready to fight the attack on the middle class.

We want to continue to be a member-driven union where members’ voices are heard and valued.

We win good Contracts when our Union is strong and we fight for what we deserve. Our Union is strongest when we work together, not only in our respective shops but across the state.

To get involved, call Shelley Ceravolo at (585) 255-0001.